Production Location: Jakarta
Product: Cotton Yarn, Knitted Fabric, Knitted Underwear, T-Shirt, Polo Shirt (for men, ladies, children)
Domestik Trade Mark: RIDER (men underwear), SWAN BRAND (men underwear), SPIKE (men ready-to-wear)

Number of Employee: About 1,600 Person

Number of Machinaries:
Spinning machineries = 32,000 Spindles
Knitting Machineries = 150 Sets
Dyeing & Finishing Machineries = 70 Sets
Sewing Machineries = 750 Sets

Production Capacity Per Month:
Knitted Fabric = 250,000 kg.
Knitted Underwear = 100,000 dz.
T-Shirt = 10,000 dz.
Polo Shirt = 10,000 dz.

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