President Director's Message - Mr. Henry Supangkat

At PT. Mulia Knitting Factory, we have an extraordinary legacy to honor and preserve. Started as a small garment company, PT. Mulia Knitting Factory grew into a textile company within a decade of business operations. Throughout our business years, there were opportunities to pursue, improved performance to achieve, and strategic refinements to implement. However, in an increasingly competitive world, we have also encountered many challenges. For us, these challenges represent positive motivations that not only direct our approach to adjust our operations in response to market condition, but also create a sense of modesty among ourselves.

PT. Mulia Knitting Factory entered our 60th year with great enthusiasm, well aware that we have much to accomplish. With our strong foundation, shared commitments among our loyal employees, and a powerful vision for the future, we are optimistic that we will achieve our goals of improved market shares, stronger brands, and the most important of all, the continuation of our legacy.

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