Lottery Winner Jakarta Fair 2019

Lottery Winner Jakarta Fair 2019

The 2019 Rider Jakarta Fair draw event from May 22 to June 30, 2019 has ended. The event which provides the grand prize of the Honda PCX 150cc which has been rider lottery on June 30 2019 in the morning. This lottery was attended by Budianto as the General Manager witnessed by notaries, tax, media, the police and the social ministry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Every year the Rider always organizes the Jakarta Fair lottery program to appreciate Rider’s loyal customers when shopping for Jakarta Fair that has supported our products and services. This lottery can be followed by all Rider buyers at the Jakarta Fair with a minimum purchase of 200 thousand and multiples apply.

Below is a list of winners of the 2019 Jakarta Fair Rider Lottery:

Motor Honda PCX 150cc
Jevon, 08193248xxxx Kode kupon 000754

AC Split 1/2pk
Sudarman, 081932336xxx Kode kupon 002278

Mesin Cuci 1 Tabung
Deni Andrian, 08212365xxxx Kode kupon 004414

LED TV 32 inch
Yosep Ariyanto, 08138805xxxx Kode kupon 002239

Kulkas 1 pintu
Billiansheen cook, 08131601xxxx Kode Kupon 009453

Sepeda Gunung MTB
Sunaryo, 08159694xxx Kode kupon 004533
Christian, 08128282xxx Kode kupon004867

Vacum Cleaner
Eko Saputra B, 085212090xxx Kode kupon 006462

Oven Toaster
Rivansyah, 08221180xxxx Kode kupon009813
Siti Fatimah, 08778522xxx / 08568802xxx Kode kupon 007601

Dispenser Hot & Normal
Budi Mulia, 08128412xxxx Kode kupon 009599
Rido Saputra, 08128090xxxx Kode kupon 000718
Irvin, 08561231xxx Kode kupon 005092

Kompor Gas 2 tungku
Eva Rosanti, 08778248xxxx Kode kupon 006857
Okmeydianti, 087881661xxx Kode kupon 003520
M Ahsan, 08190845xxxx Kode kupon 003126

Martana Giardha, 087882279xxx Kode kupon 005732
Adhyputra Krames, 087888813xxx Kode kupon 005876
Yudianto, 08129353xxx Kode kupon 002734

Galindra, 08121342xxx Kode kupon 005667
Arif Pratama Putra, 08238227xxxx Kode kupon 007428
T. Pasaribu, 08121200xxx Kode kupon 007911

Josept Sembiring, 0818947xxx Kode kupon 001573
Haryanto, 08129666xxxx Kode kupon 004802
Adjiewibawa, 08981901xxxx Kode kupon 005989

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